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Art Making Community

This is an offshoot community from naarmamo, (National Art Making Month), where a group of us gathered together to make art every day in August. Now we make art every week for the rest of the year, yes. Possibly. Hopefully. Good.

You very much don't have to have been part of naarmamo to join up though, we'd be happy to see you:)

What this is about:

The idea here is to try to do some art every week without worrying about having a reason or caring much if it works out. The emphasis is on doing something, rather than doing it well.

You don't have to post art every week, people are welcome to drop in and out as they please. But it can be a good excuse to make art even if you're not very good at it. I know that strictly speaking you don't need a Reason, but it can often feel like you do.

We have very broad definitions of what counts as art, pretty much anything goes. We have people of all different abilities and interests and such, if you want to join in really don't worry about having to be good, or indeed bad. All talent levels are equally loved and the emphasis is very much on the 'doing' of art rather than the 'doing well'.

How it works:

  • Weekly posts go up on Mondays. Anyone who wants to can post that post, whoever notices it is Monday first and has something they want to share. This does mean that sometimes weeks go by when no one posts, but even if it's been a few months or so people will usually be happy if you make a post and get people commenting again:)

  • In comments to the post you post any art you've made either that day or in the preceding week, and see what everyone else has been up to.

  • You can include thumbnails of your pictures, instructions for posting those are below. But you don't have to, you can just comment to explain what you've done if you can't or don't want to put it online.

  • This probably doesn't need saying, but rudeness about anyone or their art will get your comment deleted and a warning type thing, and a second time will probably get you banned because really.

    Posting Pictures

    The faq about adding pictures to posts or comments is here.

    If you want to post it as a smaller picture which links to the full page you can use this, inserting the full url for your image in the appropriate places:

    <a href="URL"> <img src="URL" width=200> </a>